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Tellco supports sport for everyone

22.07.2020 |
Sport is a multi-talented range of activities bringing people together across many boundaries. In the field of parasports, various organisations have committed themselves to enabling people with disabilities to participate in sport. Thereby, they can venture into new kinds of activities, increase their self-confidence and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Tellco Ltd supports sport for everyone and is therefore committed to PluSport, while also being a donor to Special Olympics Switzerland.

Long-term additional revenue with our equity fund

10.07.2020 |
Want to gain long-term investment returns on your money? Then look no further than equities. With its actively managed equity fund, Tellco Ltd is offering the opportunity to invest in innovative companies in the energy, health and technology sector.

Comfort and energy efficiency combined

18.05.2020 |
For Tellco, responsibility also means handling resources carefully. For this reason, excellent energy efficiency is extremely important when working on real estate projects. Tellco is demonstrating this commitment on two of its current real estate projects.

Profitable 2019 financial year

06.05.2020 |
Tellco pkPRO enjoyed a profitable 2019 financial year. Thus, despite an ever more complex market environment, the occupational pension foundation continues to grow, and it is strategically enhancing its offerings.

Realignment of Tellco Ltd

27.04.2020 |
In future, Tellco Ltd will concentrate exclusively on its core business – the provision of comprehensive pension, financial and investment advice, as well as a wide range of real estate services.

Occupational pension schemes and coronavirus: what you need to know

15.04.2020 |
How will corona impact my pension fund? Tellco provides the most important answers to questions on occupational pension plans during times of corona.

Tellco pkPRO: leader in the ratio of active insured persons to pension beneficiaries

30.03.2020 |
As an entrepreneur, you need to make many important decisions that will shape your business and your attractiveness as an employer in the long term. One of these decisions is your choice of pension fund. What criteria are of particular importance to you? One key factor is the ratio of active insured persons to pension beneficiaries within a pension fund. A new study by VZ VermögensZentrum shows that Tellco pkPRO is the leader in this respect.

Tellco pkPRO extends payment term for clients

25.03.2020 |
More than 97% of all Tellco pkPRO clients are SMEs. A large number of these companies are directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus outbreak, both financially and in terms of staffing issues. The situation at these SMEs is currently tense. In addition to prioritising the protection of employees’ health and safety, loss of revenue is currently presenting them with a big challenge, and will likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This may lead to liquidity shortages and, in some cases, may put people’s livelihoods at risk.

We are still here to help you

24.03.2020 |
We are all currently experiencing a new and very challenging situation. Our main priority is helping to protect the health of our clients, partners, employees and the population at large. Despite the fact that our branches will remain closed for third parties, you will still be able to reach us by e-mail or phone. We are fortunate to have the technological capabilities to allow our employees to work from home, and we are focusing all our energies on continuing to provide you...

How the pension fund supports your family members?

07.01.2020 |
As an active employee, you pay contributions to the pension fund every month over many years. This is to cover your pension after retirement, but also for the event that something happens to you. Do you know what benefits you and your family members can expect to receive from your pension fund?
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