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Job loss at 58 or over: How can I secure my pension fund pension?

07.01.2021 |
The supplementary benefits reform means older unemployed people can keep their second pillar cover.

New limits for occupational pensions

05.01.2021 |
As of 1 January 2021, pensions will be adjusted, and the coordination deduction and the entry threshold will be increased in the second pillar.

2021 supplementary benefits reform: here is an overview of the key changes

28.12.2020 |
The supplementary benefits system is being adjusted with effect from 1 January 2021, when more stringent criteria will apply to claiming supplementary benefits.

Energy efficient through district heating

20.11.2020 |
Ecological, safe, economical and low maintenance: district heating has many advantages. Tellco Ltd uses district heating in its real estate projects.

Best of Swiss Gastro Award 2020 – Tellco congratulates all winners and nominees

18.11.2020 |
The Best of Swiss Gastro (BOSG) Award, with winners chosen by the dining public, has been conferred for the seventeenth time. It also represented a premiere: due to the ongoing risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was held exclusively as a video event for the first time. However, the online edition also offered many highlights and emotionally charged moments.

OPA minimum interest rate remains at 1%

05.11.2020 |
At the meeting of the Federal Council on 4 November 2020, the decision was taken to keep the OPA minimum interest rate at 1 per cent.

Additional pillar 2 benefits: Save on your tax bill by making purchases

15.09.2020 |
Purchasing additional pension benefits reduce your tax bill and improve your old-age benefits. There are many advantages. What do you have to consider?

Occupational pension provision for self-employed persons

18.08.2020 |
Being self-employed means freedom. That also goes for retirement provision. Whereas contributions to the first and second pillars are mandatory for employees in an employment relationship, the law requires self-employed persons to make contributions only to the first pillar. However, neglecting pension provision in the second pillar can be risky and has long-term adverse effects.

Tellco supports sport for everyone

22.07.2020 |
Sport is a multi-talented range of activities bringing people together across many boundaries. In the field of parasports, various organisations have committed themselves to enabling people with disabilities to participate in sport. Thereby, they can venture into new kinds of activities, increase their self-confidence and maintain their physical and mental well-being. Tellco Ltd supports sport for everyone and is therefore committed to PluSport, while also being a donor to Special Olympics Switzerland.

Long-term additional revenue with our equity fund

10.07.2020 |
Want to gain long-term investment returns on your money? Then look no further than equities. With its actively managed equity fund, Tellco Ltd is offering the opportunity to invest in innovative companies in the energy, health and technology sector.
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