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Any person may select or cancel for this delivery service at any time. The data and e-mail address submitted will be processed and used primarily for the purposes of operating the selected delivery service by Tellco Ltd (Tellco) and/or a third party on behalf of Tellco, outside the office location and the country. The data submitted and the e-mail address may be used for (exclusively) internal marketing purposes. By providing your e-mail address, you expressly agree to non-secure e-mail traffic. Please note that communication via e-mail is voluntary. We wish to inform you of the following legal conditions related to e-mail use. The transmission of e-mails via public networks is not secure and e-mails can be intercepted, viewed and amended by third parties. The transmission of e-mails across borders occurs regularly and is not subject to controls, even when both sender and recipient are in Switzerland. Third parties are able to identify the e-mail’s sender and recipient as well as its contents and can therefore trace a connection to Tellco, if one exists. This also applies to e-mails used to communicate with Tellco. By entering an e-mail address, users give their authorisation for Tellco to send e-mails to them. Subject to separate agreements, messages and instructions (including payment instructions) sent by e-mail are not binding on Tellco, for security reasons. Tellco is not liable under any circumstances for losses arising from e-mail communication. For technical reasons, it is not possible for Tellco to guarantee the delivery of e-mails. Tellco cannot be held liable for any losses arising from the late delivery of, or failure to deliver, e-mails. These conditions apply mutatis mutandis to any other non-secure methods of communication, which operate in a comparable way and are exposed to comparable risks.

Any documents sent via this delivery service, and their contents, are not intended as investment advice and do not represent, under any circumstances, legal, tax, economic or any other form of advice. They are not appropriate as a basis for decision-making. Before making any concrete investment decision, you should obtain expert advice.

Persons domiciled in a country where, under applicable local legislation, the publication of or access to information concerning Tellco funds and/or the Tellco Investment Foundation is prohibited, are not permitted to access any such information.

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